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"I whole heartedly endorse this splendid and radical book. It is time to honor the sacred artists that have been struggling in obscurity to bring us healing visions of the Divine Mother. Anyone who comes to this book will be inspired by its profound text and irradiated by the beauty of its images."
Andrew Harvey, is Founder and Director of the  Institute of Sacred Activism.

"Art, in its highest form, is direct connection with divine source. Art communicates to our soul beyond words and concepts, and can transmit Universal Truth. Feminine Mysticism in Art beautifully shares vast collections of the art of our times, expressing the power and presence of the Divine Feminine and Primordial Sacred Union. I found this book to be an important and timely spiritual resource, that shares deeply the empowerment of the feminine, during these evolutionary times."
Debra Giusti, Founder of Harmony Festival, WISHING WELL PRODUCTIONS

"In this masterpiece, the editors Susan and Victoria, a mother / daughter team, give us a vision of where we are going as a human species - to a more integrated consciousness where the excuses of dualism no longer hold us hostage. This rare collection of new spiritual art demonstrates how artists are once more leading the way into uncharted territory of human evolution. Things long separated are made whole in these visions. A rare perspecacity arising from impeccable research into the history of women's spirituality makes this book a must read for any women's studies program."
Norma Nakai Burton, M.Div., Feminist Theologian, Shamanic therapist, Unity Minister

"FEMININE MYSTICISM IN ART is an extraordinary and important offering for our time. The images are deeply inspiring and the message of honoring of the feminine is vital as we attempt to come to harmonious balance and find sustainable lifeways for the future of humanity."
Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance

"The reclaiming of the divine feminine is not just a means to women's wholeness; but a necessity for men's completeness and overall societal balance as well. Our ability to envision the divine is a pathway towards bringing it back into practical daily life-and in this beautiful DVD/book project, the marriage of exquisite sacred art with music and words combines into a beautiful, inspiring vision of that divinity."
Eric Alan, author of Wild Grace: Nature as a Spiritual Path

"The mystical feminine has a vital part to play in the present work of global healing and transformation. Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine awakens us to her central role. These images speak directly to the soul, reminding us of her eternal presence, her power and beauty."
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Ph.D.

"This stream of astonishing and often haunting images of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Union created by contemporary artists will encourage us to embrace a new reality-that an exclusively masculine image of the Divine is not, and can never be, whole-without Her."
Margaret Starbird, author of 'The Woman with the Alabaster Jar'

"Celebrating the wondrous diversity of the global visionary culture in a refreshingly feminine light, Victoria Christian's encyclopedic book shares a profound menage of arts and expressions. This uniquely post-post-modern media is overflowing with magic and is sure to charge up your creative chi. This incredibly visionary primer is a must-have for any arts aficionados and is inspiring imaginations everywhere."
Delvin Solkinson, Managing Editor CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture

“If Victoria Christian’s Feminine Mysticism In Art were nothing more than the reproductions of stunning and provocative images that she’s collected, you’d have yourself an artbook of extraordinary beauty and depth.  But it’s so much more. If you can accept her invitation to bring your “beginner’s mind” to this book, you have in store one of the most profound journeys into appreciation of divine mystery that you’ll ever experience. What a vast achievement of art and language.”
Jeff Golden, creator and host of public television's Immense Possibilities

"FEMININE MYSTICISM IN ART" is a great and beautiful answer to a fierce call of our Zeitgeist. The reintegration and surrender on a soul level to the lost archetype of the Great Mother is a needed missing link in our evolutionary efforts. According to the eminent Indian philosopher and yogi Sri Aurobindo the Great Mother is the Divine Shakti, the evolutionary power of Nature. Therefore besides being a wonderful hommage to the beauty of the female side of God, this book is pointing to a crucial rescue tool of today."
Wolfgang J. Schmidt-Reinecke, author of "Fulfilling Nationality for a New Global Consciousness" (2104)

"The arts free us to see beyond personal belief and open us through beauty and vision into worlds of wonder and possibility. Art reminds us that we are so much more than we think and that the ideas we attend cultivate ourselves as human art forms full of possibility or dreadful sinners doomed to meaninglessness. The Love of the Mother, of woman and goddess, ancient feminine gnosis and sublime forgiveness and generosity flow through the pages of Feminine Myssticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine. Each artist and visionary opens a love letter to the Feminine, to creation, uniquely. I believe that this book helps to create imaginative and mythic foundation for the conversation and shared ideas affecting so many and, in particular, women as they seek their own story, power and mythic implication. Victoria Christian and Susan Stedman have edited and created a wonderful seed resource and  marvelous compendium of artists, visionaries and story tellers with a brush. Every artist explores and brings forth part of her-story that’s been missing for ages. Humankind does not change because of war but because of the ideas it assumes itself to be and its sense of purpose and meaning. This book helps plant better, more loving ideas to inspire the artist, story tellers, visionaries and beloveds to dive into the depths and let the mythic flow. Dive in and thanks to Victoria and Susan for their obvious hard work and diligence of drawing forth in permanent form and art the living waters of Sophia.True Philo-Sophia."
Leigh J McCloskey, Founder of Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance ( OFFER) Artist, author actor, visual philosopher

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