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Anne Baring is a writer and retired Jungian Analyst. She is the author, with Jules Cashford, of The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image and, with Andrew Harvey, of The Mystic Vision and The Divine Feminine. Her most recent book is The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul, published 2013. Her children's book, The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time, asks us to respond to the planet's need for help. She lives near Winchester, England, and has created a website www.annebaring.com to explore the ecological and spiritual issues facing us at this crucial time of choice. www.annebaring.com

Margaret Starbird has done graduate study in European history and comparative literature, and holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Maryland. She has studied at Christian Albrechts Universitat in Kiel, Germany, where she was a Fulbright Fellow, and at Vanderbilt University Divinity School in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the author of The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail. Her writings and books can be purchased on her website at www.margaretstarbird.net

Vicki Noble, M.A. is a feminist shamanic healer, author, scholar and wisdom teacher. Born in 1947 and raised in Iowa, she awakened to the Goddess and Women's Spirituality on her arrival in Berkeley, California in 1976. Through a "shamanic healing crisis", she opened psychically to the healing, art, yoga, and divination processes that led to the creation of Motherpeace. Since then she has written several books, developed a powerful ritual healing process, taught and lectured internationally, and led tours of women on pilgrimage to sacred Goddess sites around the world. Learn more at her website, Motherpeace.com. Vicki has raised two daughters -- Robyn and Brooke -- and lives with her special son Aaron Eagle, who was the subject of her book, Down Is Up for Aaron Eagle. She teaches in the Women's Spirituality graduate program at New College in San Francisco, sees private clients for astrology readings and healing sessions, and facilitates private tutorials for women in shamanic healing arts and Goddess spirituality. In her teaching she combines Buddhism, feminism, yoga, art, shamanism, and Goddess worship with a special focus on the female lineage of healers and yoginis since ancient times. Vicki is the author of Motherpeace, Shakti Woman, Down is Up for Aaron Eagle, Rituals and Practices with Motherpeace Tarot, and The Double Goddess: Women Sharing Power (Inner Traditions, 2003).

Linda E. Savage, PhD Linda E. Savage, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and sex therapist exploring the mysteries of sexual healing for over 30 years. She is the author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way, a view of women’s sexuality that blends the ancient wisdom of the Goddess cultures with current clinical knowledge.www.goddesstherapy.com

Azra Betrand M.D. and Seren Bertrand Azra Bertrand M.D. and Seren Bertrand are authors of the acclaimed book, Womb Awakening – Initiatory Wisdom From the Creatrix of All Life, as well as Sophia’s Return: Healing the Grail Wound, and Sacred Womb Rituals. They are founders of the worldwide Womb Awakening movement, and the Fountain of Life Womb Mystery School. They hold annual in-depth Womb Awakening Apprenticeships, and share shamanic music on Sacred Sounds of the Womb, Elemental Awakening, and other albums. Visit www.thefountainoflife. org. Sophia’s Return, Seren’s personal story of healing from sexual abuse, is offered as a free ebook on the website: www.thefountainoflife.org/sophias-return-healing-grailwound

Arizika Razak has been a midwife, healer and spiritual dancer for over thirty years. She has provided full scope midwifery care to indigent women and women of color in the inner city of Oakland, California for over twenty years, serving as a home and hospital birth attendant, hospital based CNM, health care administrator and health educator. She currently directs the Integrative Health Studies Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California, where she is also an Associate Professor of Women’s Spirituality. Arizika has led spiritual and healing workshops for women for over two decades, and her dance celebrates the physical bodies of women and the blood mysteries of childbirth, menstruation, sexuality and menopause. She is a contributor to several books and presents at numerous conferences on the subjects of multiculturalism and diversity, women’s health and healing, and embodied spirituality and movement. Her film credits include: A Place of Rage by Prahtibha Parma, which showcases the work and struggles of African American women activists Alice Walker, June Jordan and Angela Davis; Fire Eyes by Soraya Mire, the first full length feature film by an African woman to explore the issue of female genital cutting; and Who Lives Who Dies, a PBS special on health care services to marginalized and underserved populations. Arizika Razak's bio

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, PhD is a Sufi teacher and author. In recent years the focus of his writing and teaching has been on spiritual responsibility in our present time of transition, and the emerging global consciousness of oneness (see www.workingwithoneness.org). He has also specialized in the area of dream work, integrating the ancient Sufi approach to dreams with the insights of modern psychology. Llewellyn is the founder of The Golden Sufi Center (www.goldensufi.org). His most recent books include Working with Oneness and The Alchemy of Light. www.goldensufi.org

Anne Scott : As the founding director of DreamWeather Foundation, Anne Scott travels around the United States to foster the knowledge of the innate feminine in everyday life. Anne Scott has worked for over 20 years supporting women in communities and organizations who long to reconnect with their forgotten wisdom. She recently initiated a program at The Living Room, Santa Rosa, bringing her work to women in a drop-in center for women who are homeless. She received a B.A. in Anthropology from Occidental College and worked for many years in Asia for business magazines and newspapers. Her experience living in different cultures gave her a global perspective that informs her work with women today. She has been a presenter at global conferences for women in India, Switzerland and Italy. Her training also includes dreamwork in the Sufi tradition since 1990. Anne is an author of several books, the most recent is Women, Wisdom and Dreams: The Light of the Feminine Soul, published in 2008. She is married with two grown daughters and lives in Northern California. Visit her website: www.dreamweather.org

Jacquelyn Small, MSW , is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Texas with degrees in psychology, applied music, and clinical social work. She is the Founding Director of Eupsychia Institute, a national nonprofit service organization that certifies students in Soul-based Psychology and Integrative Breath work. Jacquelyn conducts workshops, and keynotes conferences in human consciousness and the addiction field throughout North America. She is the author of nine books on personal transformation and holistic healing of the psyche. She lives in Austin, Texas. www.eupsychia.com

Lotus Linton, PhD , has been facilitating spiritual awakening seminars for over thirty years throughout the United States, England, Bali, and Australia. She is a sound healer, a sacred dancer, a spiritual counselor and a ceremonialist. Lotus utilizes the sacred arts, stories and symbols of many cultures to elicit and express the soul’s wisdom, and takes small groups on Singing the Waters Journeys to the holy springs and waters of several cultures. In her book, Soul Springs: Seeking Self in the Waters of the World, Lotus highlights her own pilgrimage to these sacred places and to the wells of her own soul’s wisdom. Lotus Linton can be contacted at: soulspring@earthlink.net, www.lotuslinton.com

Penny Slinger is a surrealist artist. She produced 50%-The Visible Woman (1971) and An Exorcism (1977), two collections of powerful and haunting collages. Her 2D collages and 3D installations incorporated images and lifecasts of herself. Her media during this period included pencil and paint, printmaking, life casts and other 3-dimensional constructions, as well as photography, film and collage. Penny Slinger is also known for her erotic and Tantric work and her Caribbean/Amerindian work. She created the Secret Dakini Oracle, re-released as the Tantric Dakini Oracle. She is the co-author, illustrator or artist of the following books including Sexual Secrets- The Alchemy of Ecstasy, The Path of the Mystic Lover, Mountain Ecstasy, The Erotic Sentiment in the Paintings of India and Nepal, and The Erotic Sentiment in the Paintings of China and Japan. Since 1994, she lives and works in Boulder Creek, California at her multimedia art studios. In 2011 Penny released an on-line version of the project she has been working on for many years, the 64 Dakini Oracle, an evolution of the Secret Dakini Oracle. To consult with the website oracle: www.64dakinioracle.org. Also, visit her website at: www.pennyslinger.com

Sandra Ingerman, MA , teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Mental Health Counselor and certified expert on acute traumatic stress management. She is the author of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self; Welcome Home: Following Your Soul's Journey Home; A Fall From Grace; Medicine for the : How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins; and Shamanic Journeying: A Beginners Guide. For more information on her work, visit her website at www.shamanicvisions.com.

Hank Wesselman, PhD , is a paleoanthropologist and shamanic teacher who has worked with noted anthropologists investigating the mysteries of human origins in Africa. His books include Spiritwalker, Medicinemaker, Visionseeker, Journey to the Sacred Garden, and Spirit Medicine (coauthored with Jill Kuykendall, RPT). His most recent book co-written with Sandra Ingerman is Awakening To The Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation. Hank has taught for the University of Hawai’I at Hilo’s West Hawai’i campus, the University of California at San Diego California State University at Sacramento, American River College and Sierra College in Northern California. He currently offers training workshops at many internationally recognized centers such as Esalen Institute in California and the Omega Institute near New York. He and his family live on a farm in Hawai’i. Visit their website at www.sharedwisdom.com.

Martin W. Ball, PhD is an independent researcher focused on the interface between spiritual awakening and entheogenic experience. He received his Ph.D. from UCSB in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Native American traditions, shamanism, and comparative mysticism. He is the author of several books on entheogenic spirituality, including his latest, Entheologues: Conversations with Leading Psychedelic Thinkers, Explorers and Researchers, featuring interviews from his weekly podcast, “The Entheogenic Evolution.” Martin’s podcast can be found atwww.entheogenic.podomatic.com and his books and music can be found at his web page, www.martinball.net

Anyaa T. McAndrew, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C. psychotherapist and teacher, resides in a shamanic retreat community in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina. Her early work expressed through the lens of the women's movement, feminist therapy, and the rape and incest survivor's movement of the nineteen seventies and eighties as she also pioneered the integration of feminism, transpersonal psychology and spirituality in the Midwest. For the past seven years, Anyaa has facilitated several versions of The Priestess Process™ around the US and in Costa Rica, integrating a lifetime of therapeutic work with women through her own Mystery School. Anyaa is also an accomplished astrologer, tantric educator and a Bishop in the Madonna Ministry. Anyaa's teachings call forth the empowerment of women, the return of the Sacred Feminine and safe, nurturing space for profound personal transformation. She is a contributor to a recently released CD audio presentation called "The Priestess Within: Your Direct Divine Connection". She has written several articles which can be accessed through her website www.goddessontheloose.com

Gary Stamper, PhD in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies, and is an ordained Shamanic Minister and a Shamanic Priest. Gary is also a Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner, a Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator. Gary has a degree in graphic design and Illustration and is an international award-winning artist and designer, and was a professional singer for ten years, leading his own band in Las Vegas, nightclubs, and concerts. He has been facilitating mens workshops for about five years and is the creator and facilitator of The Integral Warrior: Awakening The New Masculine workshop series. He is a master at creating altered states of consciousness through journeying and meditations. Gary’s work with men was inspired by his own desire and drive toward evolutionary consciousness that is moving mankind to the tipping point of a new emerging way of being toward wholeness and unity. Gary’s passions include creating community and sharing with others how to embody the Integral and Shamanic consciousness of the Integral Warrior. Gary lives in intentional community at the Isis Cove Retreat Center and Community with his Beloved Anyaa and four rescue animals—two cats named Cali and Sophie, and two dogs named Ena and Prince— in the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina where they are physically and spiritually preparing for the shift that has already begun. www.awakeningthenewmasculine.com and www.collapsingintoconsciousness.com

Jose Arguelles, Ph.D A prolific writer, visionary artist and activist.  His love of art and culture inspired him to obtain his Ph.D. in art history and aesthetics from the University of Chicago in 1969. His academic career led to professorships at Princeton University, University of California Davis, the Evergreen State College, the Naropa Institute, San Francisco State University, San Francisco Institute of Art, University of Colorado Denver, and the Union Graduate School.Author of numerous philosophical and cultural essays, as well as poetry, his pioneering books were translated into many languages and include: The Mayan Factor, Earth Ascending, Surfers of the Zuvuya, The Arcturus Probe, Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs, the seven volume Cosmic History Chronicles (with Stephanie South) and Manifesto for the Noosphere: The Evolution of Human Consciousness. Learn more about his art and writings:www.lawoftime.org

Victoria Christian, MA, MSW A visionary artist, writer, speaker and counselor residing in Ashland, Oregon. She has published numerous articles on Transcendental and Feminist art. To view her full bio click here. To view a list of her published articles and books, click here. Her website is www.victoriachristian.com

Other Emerging Writers:

Uma Rose: umarose292@hotmail.com

Claudia Connelly: www.claudiaconnelly.com

Deborah Koff-Chapin: www.touchdrawing.com

Sherab Khandro: www.sherabkhandro.com

Grace Mantle: www.gracemantlestudios.com

Cher Lyn: www.mysticartmedicine.com

Amoraea Dreamseed: divine-blueprint.com

Notable Visionary Artists (male and female):

Jim Thomas: www.art-mind-soul.com

Carrie Ann Baade: www.carrieannbaade.com

Julia Weaver: www.mandalaweaver.com

Melanie Gendron: www.melaniegendron.com

Monica Sjoo: www.monicasjoo.weebly.com

Martina Hoffmann: www.martinahoffmann.com

Krista Lynn Brown: www.devaluna.com

Claudia Connelly: www.claudiaconnelly.com

Francene Hart: www.francenehart.com

Mariela de la Paz: www.marieladelapaz.com

Eva Sullivan Sakmar: www.stardolphin.com

AfraShe Asungi: www.sistahpeace.com

Autumn Skye Morrison: www.autumnskyemorrison.com

Susan De Veuve: www.suzannedeveuve.com

Deborah Koff-Chapin: www.touchdrawing.com

Cynthia Re Robbins: www.art4spirit.com

Heather Thomas: www.fullcirclemandalas.com

Hrana Janto: www.hranajanto.com

Cathy McClelland: www.cathymcclelland.com

Penny Slinger: www.pennyslinger.com

Roberto Venosa: www.venosa.com

Andrew Annenberg: www.andrewannenberg.com

Mark Henson: www.markhensonart.com

Jonathan Weber: www.jonathanweber.org

Daniel B Holeman: www.awakenvisions.com

Amoraea Dreamseed: www.divine-blueprint.com

Abba Yahuda: www.abbayahudah.com

Paul Heussenstamm: www.mandalas.com

Paul Nicholson: paulnaw@sonic.net

David Joaquin: www.twohawkstudio.com

Atmara Rebecca Cloe: www.nwcreations.com

Beth Avary: www.starfirepress.com

Lydia Ruyle: www.lydiaruyle.com

Jane Evershed: www.facebook.com/jane.evershed

Emma Gardner: www.emmagardner.com

Sue Halstenberg: www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/sue-halstenberg.html

Yasmin Hernandez: www.yasminhernandez.com

Blaze Warrender: www.blazewarrender.com

Chris Dyer: www.positivecreations.ca

Peter Eglington: www.petereglingtonart.com

Robert Donaghey: www.artisticgenius.com

Jeff Bedrick: www.bedrickstudios.com

Jose Arguelles: www.lawoftime.org

Leslie Gibbons: www.sacredcreativity.com

Davin Infinity: www.facebook.com/davin.infinity

Aaron Pyne: www.sacredvisiondesigns.com

George Atherton: www.geoglyphiks.com

Raul Casillas: www.raulcasillas.com

Theresa Sharrar: tandr750@gmail.com

Rose Sharrar: goldaught@yahoo.com

Timothy White: timothywhite3600@gmail.com

Turiya Bruce: www.turiyabruce.com

Robin Baring: www.annebaring.com

Lindy Kehoe: www.lindykehoe.com

Emily Kell: www.emilykell.com

Ashley Foreman: www.thirteentwentystudios.com

Tessa Mythos: www.artbymythos.com

Morgan Mandala: www.morganmandala.com

Martin Ball: www.fractalimagination.com

Juan Perez and Mauro Perez: www.mauroart.com

Lili Bernard: www.lilibernard.com

Chanel Baran: www.chanelbaran.com/

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