The Cosmogenesis Awakening:

A Return of the Great Mother


The Cosmogenesis Awakening is an animation project that was intended to be released at Burning Man 2012, but was put on hold in order to finish the book.  It is currently halfway finished and the animations are EPIC and very different from the first DVD project.  This is more cosmic and abstract with ancient/future tones, not to mention an AMAZING soundtrack (see below for musician and animator list).

I decided to shift gears and re-envisioned a documentary and animation project, which will include the voices and faces of several visionary artists and writers in the book, Feminine Mysticism in Art. I put together a talented film crew of heart brothers who have a similar vision and dream:  Raul Casillas, Rorey Finney, Robby Donaghey, and Ray Mikota.

We hope to start interviewing people in the fall, but we need to raise some money to pull it off.  We will be doing an Indiegogo campaign in the fall of 2013, but we are also hoping to sell enough copies of the book and DVD to raise the money.  If you are interested in supporting us in this mission to document the voices and creative vision of some of the most incredible visionaries on the planet, please purchase a copy of the EBook and DVD. In doing so, you will ultimately be supporting the Transcendental Art Movement, the Goddess Movement, the Ecological Movement and the Inter-Spirituality Movement.  Thank You!!!!!

About the Producers:

Head Producer: Victoria Christian

Co-Producer: Robert Donaghey

Co-Producer: Davin Infinity


Jonathan Singer:

John Banks:

Jeff Bedrick:

Malcolm Dorje:

VJ Arcane:

Davin Infinity:

Penny Slinger:

Ray Mikota:

Borris Videolicious:


Soundtrack and animation list:

Dee Dee Vine, Sasha Rose, animated by Malcolm Dorje

Divinity, Sasha Rose, animated by Arcane

Galactivation, DJ Mikota, Animated by Ray Mikota

Transmissions from the Moon, Random Rab, Animated by Jonathan Singer

K’ Khana, Random Rab, Animated by Borris

New Generation, Desert Dwellers, Animated by Robert D and Jean Luc

More Than Anything, Desert Dwellers, animated by Jonathan Singer

Subterranean Sanctuary, Desert Dwellers, animated by Davin

Pranafestation, Desert Dwellers, animated by Robert D.

Kundalini Manifest, Goddess Alchemy Project, animated by Penny slinger

Saraswati Mata, Goddess Alchemy Project, animated by Penny Slinger

Mystic Melody, Sasha Rose, animated by Jeff Bedrick

Transcendent Realms, Goddess Alchemy Project, animated by JacobEye

Time Shift, Klaus Schultz, animated by Jonathan Singer

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